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Opportunities Where you can make a Difference:The progressive movement and the Democratic Party share a long history of helping others who have trouble helping themselves. We want to be a conduit for information about some agencies and organizations that provide some much needed support but have few resources. For those groups that have websites, we will provide links. For those that cannot be accessed electronically, we will provide on this page information about needs and contacts. This will give you, our readers, opportunities to assist in places where a little bit of help will go a long way in giving a helping hand to some of those who need to know that someone cares. If you know of such an organization, contact us at mailto:info@tgcdc.org

We lead off with:

Greater Concho Valley COMMUNITY PARTNERS: This organization supports the case workers of Child Protective Services through what they call The Rainbow Room. Located in Suite L, in the Ralph Chase State Offices Building at 622 South Oakes Street (next to Fort Concho), The Rainbow Room is a resource for emergency supplies of diapers, wipes, toiletries, shelf stable foods and small toys for the case workers to draw on during those first traumatic hours after a child has been removed from an unacceptable home situation. Contact Susan Boone @325-657-7433 for more information on how you can help.



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